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Witches Night Quartz Watch Rose Gold

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We're witches' wonders, and making miracles happen with every minute. We know you have your eye on us—aren't we a sight? Arrow right to enchanted dreams for the latest in stainless steel. Behold, our gorgeous rose gold exterior that's sure to leave everyone speechless. Prevent all those enchantments from simply disappearing by choosing one of two interchangeable bezels. With this watch strapped around your wrist for true agency over time, anything is possible up until midnight spells doom!

It's magic hour, and only one watch can capture the moment. We're not talking about your basic, pre-owned timepieces from 2004 either; it's about a true Witching Hour Quartz Watch Rose Gold. No your eyes are not playing tricks on you - that seriously is quartz movement! What sorcery IS this?!

Movement type: quartz movement
Mirror material: glass
Strap material: solid stainless steel
Buckle material: solid stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30m
Dial width: 32mm
Dial thickness: 8mm
Strap width: 12mm
The total length of the watch: 200mm