What is Ethical Jewellery?

I’ve always been a sucker for jewellery. The flash of gold on my neck, the sparkle of diamonds in my ears and the gleam of gems around one finger. I’ve never been able to resist it. But there is something else that draws me to jewellery: it's power to make a statement about who we are and what matters to us. The story behind your rings or earrings can be just as telling as the ones you have inside yourself. I recently found out that when I wear certain pieces they bring me joy. That's because they were gifts from people close to me - so not only do they look amazing but when I put them on I feel sense of connection with the piece I am wearing. What I never thought about before was, where did this jewellery come from? Who made it? and is the natural gemstone I am wearing mined ethically? 

You've been seeing more and more about ethical jewellery lately, but what is it? Well firstly, in this blog post I'll be explaining the meaning behind the term. 

What is "ethical" jewellery? The term ethical refers to how well an item has been produced and whether or not any harm was done during its production process. More specifically it means that companies have gone through great lengths to ensure all of the products they sell don't cause harm to others. 

At Elixir Stones 90% of our gemstones are lab grown. What is a lab grown gemstone? Lab grown gemstones are the ethical and affordable alternative to earth mined stones. By recreating the earth's natural process in a lab, we are able to create gemstones at a higher quality, carat, cut and clarity than earth mined equivalents. Meaning we offer cheaper gemstones that looks just as beautiful but without the cost to humanity. While we do offer a very few earth mined stones in our store we ensure they they always come with a certificate of proof that they are genuine and mined without harm or slave labour. 

Would you want the stone on your finger to come from another persons desperation or enslavement? We definitely wouldn't. Which is why our philosophy is to source and import lab grown simulants to Australia. Our lab grown simulants still come certificate certified and are always set in 925 sterling silver. Our 316L stainless steal jewellery is sourced and vetted by us to ensure it is water and tarnish proof. Our affordable fashion range is sourced only from reputable suppliers. 

Ethical jewellery is more than just a trend, it's a movement. It's about taking care of the world and all its inhabitants by using materials that are sustainable. More importantly, ethical jewellery is about being mindful of how you live your life; making choices that will make the world a better place for us all. Finding out what an ethical jewellery company does to source and import responsibly can go a long way towards influencing what we purchase as consumers. The right choice might not be easy but it always feels good!

Ethical jewellery is a buzz word that has been popping up more and more in recent years as we become aware of our personal responsibility to make conscious decisions about how we spend our money. For those who are unaware, you can think of it like this: Ethical jewellery pieces have not contributed in any way to human rights violations or environmental degradation issues such as mining practices for gold and diamonds. That could mean anything from being made with recycled materials only, using fair trade labour practices or even just coming from an environmentally friendly company. 

With so many different styles, materials and ethical certifications to choose from, it can be hard to navigate the world of ethical jewellery. But with this information as your guide you know now a little bit more about what is out there and how you go about buying ethically sourced products. If you need any help deciding on which pieces are right for you or want some guidance through our range we’re always here! We also offer free shipping Australia wide. So why not head to our store today?

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