What to Give Your Loved One for Valentine's Day / Birthday / Anniversary - Experience Presents

Coming up with a great present for your loved one is tough. The pressure is on and there are many things to consider - temperament, interests, your budget... I have always found it easier to give advice than to solve my own problems and since I tend to analyze everything to excruciating detail I thought I would jot some of my ideas down in case they help someone else:

The Altruist

Give him/her the joy of giving back and spend a day volunteering at a place dear to his/her heart. If you are already for the next step - adopt a pet together 

The Glamorous One

I have researched this one but never pulled it off so if you get to do it - virtual high five to you. Take him / her on a hot air balloon ride or if it is winter - sledge ride

The Adventurer

Another one I would vicariously love to experience because it may be fun but I don't trust my vestibular system to do it myself - go indoor sky diving. With your loved one - the sky is the limit but the first time you sky dive it may be more reassuring to do it indoors. You can always follow up with the real deal next year

The Creative Type

Go to a painting class, then for a glass of wine, then follow up with body painting at home...

The Foodie

Cook, go to your favorite restaurant or just re-enact the fridge scene from "9 1½ Weeks"…

The Romantic

Take him/her back to the place of your first kiss/date and re-create it. You can turn it into an annual tradition to go back and take a photo. In ten years, you can give her/him an album with the photos


My nomadic lifestyle has impressed upon me that it's experiences that count more (I have nothing against objects either but they are harder to take along, jewelry being one of the exceptions). So if the experience ideas above fail you or if you decide to supplement with a classic - then take a look at our range, where you can find affordable crystals in all shapes, sizes and colours!

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