The Meaning of Amethyst

At first glance, the meaning of amethyst may not seem to have much depth. But it's actually quite a complex gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewellery and as decoration. What is the meaning of amethyst? Amethysts are usually found in shades of purple, but can be also found in blue or pink. They are most often found in quartz crystals and they come from Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia. (It's worth noting that there was once a time when it was illegal to own an amethyst stone.) There are many meanings attributed to this beautiful gemstone including strength, peace, love, spirituality and wisdom. And what do you know! The word "amethyst" comes from the Greek word "amethust.

Do you know the meaning of your birthstone? Amethyst is a stone that symbolises peace and protection, which means it's perfect for this time of year when we're preparing to head into the holiday season. 

Have you ever seen the beautiful, deep purple crystals at a museum or jeweller's? If so, then you have experienced amethyst. Amethysts are often associated with royalty and are used as symbols of wisdom and peace. They can also be called by their other name - "the stone of sobriety." This is because the amethyst is said to help one stay sober and avoid intoxication. In fact, even ancient Greeks wore jewellery crafted from this gemstone in order to ward off drunkenness!  One characteristic that sets apart an amethyst from other stones is its ability to change colours depending on how it reflects light. As a result, each individual piece will look different under different lighting conditions which makes for some very interesting pieces! 

After reading this we hope you know a little more about Amethyst. If so, then take a look at our range of beautiful jewellery and see if there is something that will appeal to you! The meaning of amethyst can be traced back centuries before it became popular as an important piece in people's jewellery collections. We love the idea behind these gorgeous stones, which are known for their healing properties and ability to help us focus on spiritual matters - even during times when life seems hectic or chaotic. It’s always nice to have some time out from day-to-day life with close family members too – perhaps try wearing your favourite Amethyst pieces while spending quality time with them?

You’ve now learned about the meaning of Amethyst and some popular beliefs. If you want to delve deeper, our range of jewellery is a great place to start!

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