2022 Jewelry Trends vs. Tradition

The new year is well underway. You may be reassessing your wardrobe and jewelry. Should you go with the new hot trends or should you stick to tradition, the classics, the tried and true? The way I see it - your personal evergreens form the foundation but every year you could add a piece or two based on new trends that speak to you. These are my highlights of the 2022 jewelry trends:

Cuff me
Cuffs and chunky chains are in. I have always liked the idea of cuffs but as a petite woman I am not giving up on the more traditional small dainty bracelets or necklaces.

Speaking of dainty bracelets and necklaces, I am likely to tap into another current trend - layering. Stacking bracelets, rings or necklaces sounds pretty good to me and looking at it mathematically one big cuff is just the sum of many dainty ones.

The girls just want to have fun
Brightly colored crystals, chunky chains, statement rings, statement necklaces, mismatched earrings, oversized earrings, layering, mixing metals, childlike bauble jewelry - anything goes. I like eating gummy bears. Wearing them as jewelry - why not? Kings and queens wore crowns with all sorts of "sparkles." Why shouldn't you? Bold is beautiful. Just have fun and be you.

Pearls are also on trend. They are where tradition with a twist meets what's new and in right now. I have always had a soft spot for pearls but struggled to avoid "my grandma's string of pearls" cliché and keep them in a fresh context. This year, designers are doing just that - reinventing the pearls.

Good vibes
With uncertainty being part of daily life for the past few years, it is natural to want some protection in your life. Jewelry has always had a deep symbolic meaning and here tradition meets trend. You can find comfort and make a statement at the same time by wearing any charms, crystals, amulets and birthstone jewelry that catches your fancy.

Whether you want to follow the trends or go down the more traditional route, check out our store. We have hand picked pieces that can add that extra bit of edge, oomph and good energy to your day!

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